The Collectible Insurance Agency

If you have kept it, the collectible insurance agency can help you.

We all have things in the attic that we don’t want to throw out and if it is valuable, the collectible insurance agency is a company you want to do business with. This insurance agency has been around for over 40 years. It has helped collectors and their hobbies for all that time. One of the best things about this insurance company is the fact that they want to help and are there just about any hour of the day.

If you want to talk to the owner of this company, he is there for you and you can count on his service. The back round concept of the company is not only to serve the needs of any collector in it’s reach, but to help the hobbies they serve in each and every way. This insurance company goes the extra yard and if something is stolen, they work hand and hand with the police to recover that property. Owner, Dan Walker, is a collector himself.

So he knows exactly what is at stake and what all these items mean to a person.

How does it shake out with this insurance agency?

When you ask how it works, the answer is pretty obvious and pretty simple. After filling out the application with all the pertinent information, you give a ball park figure on the item you want to be insured, then you buy insurance for that item. It can’t be any more straight forward than that. Coverage is for most types of collectibles. There is insurance for stamps, guns, knives and many other items.