Term Life Insurance is Perfect for Newlyweds

Weddings may be a joyous occasion for couples ready to start a new and exciting life together, but with marriage also comes certain obligations, including the need to protect your spouse and future children’s well-being in the event of an unforeseeable accident. That’s where term life insurance can help. (more…)

The Ups and Downs of Buying Rental Car Insurance

When you last rented a car, were you pressured into buying additional insurance? Did you even know whether buying the extra coverage was a good idea? In many cases, the insurance options offered by rental car companies are completely unnecessary, and you may already be covered under your personal auto insurance plan. The reason that rental companies offer these types of insurance plans is that they’re very profitable. You can go from paying $15 per day to $35 per day with additional insurance. In this article, you’ll learn how to make an educated decision next time you need a rental car. (more…)